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Incredibly one year has been passed since the opening of this blog.

Like any respected birthday I decided to celebrate it properly with a video focused on the different facets of the macro issue that I’m focusing on with this project.

For this post I wanted to do everything that I never did before in the previous posts.

Filming indoor gave me the chance to give more space to both styling and faces.

I’ve decided to portray people that I’ve already worked with and new faces that you’ll see in the future posts.

I would like to thank those ones who have always supported this project and the people who have offered themselves as subjects for this special “celebratory” post.

In particular: Gianni, Fabio, Vera, Cecilia, Marco, Albert, Martina, Roberto, Marc, Sara and Christopher.

PS: the reason that I haven’t posted in the past few months is due to the fact that I’m working on a book (which will be also my thesis at Uni), a sort of collection of the work done so far in this blog together with unreleased material.

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